Branding & Website Design for Artists, Artisans & Makers

Empower your creative business with tailored e-commerce solutions and personalised branding designed to elevate your artistic presence online.

Your Path to Digital Independence

Welcome to your creative future where you control your artistic destiny, and your brand shines as brightly as your art and craft. With over 20 years of experience in e-commerce and branding—and a personal journey into the world of printmaking and mixed-media art—I understand the unique challenges artists, artisans and makers face in managing and selling their work online.

Like many artists, I started by selling my creations on platforms like Facebook and Etsy. However, the lack of control over customer data and the sales process prompted me to leverage my expertise to build and manage my own platforms using WordPress and Shopify. Now, I’m here to empower artists like you to establish a strong personal brand and thrive independently in the digital space.

The Complete Creative Package

In today’s digital world, the demands on artists and makers are immense. From crafting newsletters to managing e-commerce and everything in between—the list is endless. That’s where I step in. I offer a comprehensive package that handles the business side of your craft, allowing you to focus on what you do best: creating.

Personal branding for artists

Your personal brand is more than just a logo. It’s about creating a memorable experience from the first click to the moment your art is displayed on a wall.

With the full creative package, you receive:

Logo Design

A distinctive and memorable logo that captures the essence of your art and brand personality.

Custom Social Media Icons

Custom-designed icons to ensure your social media profiles are consistent and recognisable.

Sticker Templates

Eye-catching sticker designs that make your packaging pop and leave a lasting impression.

Business Cards

Professionally crafted business cards that convey your brand’s aesthetic and professionalism.

Colour Palette

A customised colour palette that complements your art style and enhances your brand’s visual coherence.

Invoice Headers

Well-designed invoice headers that reinforce your brand’s identity even in routine transactions.

Weathering The Stormy Seas by Rik Barwick

“Weathering The Stormy Sea”

Abstract Watercolour

SmallTown Instagram Post showing off new tote bags

Smalltown Print project

Merchandise Design

Misty Memories of Shropshire - Watercolour Painting by Rik Barwick

Rik has been fantastic to work with. Always positive, encouraging and very patient. I came to Rik wanting to move my website and all products & content from Wix to Shopify. Rik was able to seamlessly migrate my whole website over as well as add aspects that will bring more traffic and trust to my business, with a renewed, professional appearance and all the SEO bells and whistles too! I couldn’t have asked for more and the whole experience was stress free and exciting! Thanks so much Rik!


Your E-commerce-enabled Gallery Website

I specialise in Shopify and recommend it to artists and makers for its user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. With your personal brand guiding your unique theme design, I’ll set up your new online store that includes:

Shopify partner
Official Shopify Partner

Secure transactions

Offer secure payment options including credit cards and PayPal, ensuring customer trust and satisfaction.

Fraud protection

Utilise Shopify’s advanced fraud protection tools to safeguard your transactions and reduce risks.

Global sales

Expand your market reach with versatile shipping options that cater to customers worldwide.

Personalised Domain & Email

Establish your unique online presence with a personalised domain and professional email address that enhances your professional image.

Content Management System (CMS)

Easily manage and share your content—blogs, articles, and news—directly through your Shopify backend.

Customer engagement

Engage customers effectively through integrated newsletters, categorised products, and robust social media interaction.

Open for commissions

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Projects for Artists & Makers

Stellar Interiors - E-commerce Website with Shopify

Stellar Interiors’ Shopify Success

Shopify Theme Development
Green Pebble Shopify Marketplace Case Study

Green Pebble Shopify Marketplace

Shopify Development
The Leif Collective Logo Design

Brand Identity for Ecological Garden Designers

Brand & Website Design

The Leif Collective


How can I help you?

Get in touch with me today to take the first step in growing your online business with custom Shopify solutions that deliver results.

    Advanced SEO and Custom Development

    I also offer advanced features to enhance your site’s visibility and functionality:

    SEO-Enhanced Templates

    Optimise your site with SEO-enhanced templates designed to improve your search engine rankings and attract more visitors.


    Easily integrate dropshipping with PrintSpace for fine art prints, simplifying your inventory management and shipping processes.

    Custom Email Funnels

    Develop custom email funnels that effectively engage and convert your subscribers into loyal customers.

    Revitalising The artisan Smokehouse

    Shopify SEO & Support
    Open for commissions

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    Contact me today for a personalised recommendation.

    We asked Rik to help us with some general advice, support and bespoke coding for a new Shopify website we were working on. He has been extremely helpful and delivered on everything we have asked. We would have no hesitation in recommending Rik to anybody needing website support. Now the website has launched we plan to continue working with Rik on an ongoing basis for SEO support – thanks for all your help Rik!

    Gillian Matthews, Business Owner | The Artisan Smokehouse

    I.T. Support for your creative business

    Every professional business needs a reliable online presence, your creative business is no exception.

    Domain Registration

    Secure two top-level domains (e.g., .com and to enhance your brand’s professional appearance and global accessibility.

    Professional Email Setup

    Configure a professional email with a 12GB inbox and spam filter to streamline your communications and maintain professionalism.

    Streamlined Bookkeeping

    While I’m not a financial advisor, I can introduce you to FreeAgent, a tool that manages invoices and expenses—simplifying your annual financial tasks.

    Monthly Support

    Keep your website vibrant and up-to-date without lifting a finger. My retainer services manage product uploads, email campaigns, and website updates—letting you focus solely on your craft.

    Finger Pointing

    Latest Shopify Guides & Articles

    Whether you’re a novice or experienced e-commerce store owner, these guides and articles will help you grow your business.

    Artist & Makers FAQs

    Does Shopify work for Artists

    Absolutely! Shopify is a fantastic platform for artists, offering customisable templates and robust e-commerce tools to beautifully showcase and sell your art online.

    Should I be on Etsy and Shopify?

    Yes, being on both Etsy and Shopify can maximize your visibility. With tools like PrintSpace and various app integrations, you can seamlessly sync your products across both platforms, making management easier.

    How much is Shopify a month?

    Shopify offers several pricing plans starting as low as £19 per month, with different tiers depending on the features you need to efficiently run and grow your art business.

    Wy are people moving from marketplaces to Shopify?

    Many artists are moving to Shopify for greater control over their brand and customer relationships, plus the ability to expand and customise their online store without the constraints of a marketplace.

    Can I transfer my products from Etsy to Shopify?

    Yes, transferring your products from Etsy to Shopify is straightforward with several user-friendly tools and services designed to help migrate your listings and maintain your store’s integrity.

    Can I brand myself as an artist or maker?

    Branding yourself as an artist involves creating a cohesive visual and narrative identity that reflects your art’s unique style and message, which can be powerfully communicated through your website, packaging, and marketing materials.

    Do artists need a brand?

    Definitely! A strong brand helps distinguish you from other artists and creates a memorable impression, making it easier for collectors and fans to recognise and connect with your work.

    Should an artist have a logo?

    A logo is a vital part of your branding as an artist. It acts as a visual symbol of your identity and values, helping to establish your presence in the art community and beyond.