Innovative Branding & Logo Design Services

As a specialist in strategically planned and creatively executed brand solutions, I aim to help businesses share their unique stories, establish a professional presence, and stay relevant. With a focus on brand strategy, I leverage typography, colour palettes, logo design, and brand style guides to ensure your brand delivers results.

Branding & Logo Design: Strategy meets Expertise

Branding is much more than an attractive logo or catchy tagline. It’s the essence of your business and represents your unique selling proposition, target audience, and overall brand positioning.

Understanding Your Business

In my approach to logo design, I begin with a comprehensive strategy session to gain deep insights into your business. This involves target audience analysis and market research in branding to understand your business’s positioning and objectives.

Creating Your Brand

With the knowledge gained, I create brand materials that truly represent your brand voice and messaging, setting you apart from the competition and making a lasting impact.

The Leif Collective Logo Design
The Leif Collective Logo Design
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Brand Identity & LOGO Design: Crafting A Signature Style

Logos come in various styles. I take pride in working closely with clients to design logos that reflect their unique brand identity. A well-crafted logo and brand identity act as the first impression of your business, communicating your brand’s values before any words are spoken.

The Importance of a Professional Logo

Investing in a professionally designed logo is essential. It represents a valuable asset that aligns with your brand strategy, helping you make a strong first impression.

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Logo Design Case Studies

Wolfbury Gin Brand Design

Brand Identity & Packaging Design for Wolfbury Gin

Branding & Packaging Design

The Suffolk Distillery
The Leif Collective Logo Design

Brand Identity for Ecological Garden Designers

Brand & Website Design

The Leif Collective
IVY & BOND Logo Design

Tea room Branding



I worked with Rik on a variety of projects where his hand on approach and attention to detail was excellent.

He cared about the job in hand and always put in the work to achieve the goal. His experience was evident with the consultation, ideas and knowledge at a high quality, delivering jobs constantly on time.


colour palette Creation: Setting the tone

Designing a colour palette is a crucial task that significantly influences a company’s overall visual identity and brand perception. The chosen colours can evoke emotions and convey specific messages.

Research & Design

When creating a colour palette, I thoroughly research the client’s industry and competitors to set the tone or break away from the norm. I believe it’s vital for the color palette to distinguish the brand from its competitors, rather than blending in.

Colour Palette design for IVY & BOND
Colour Palette Design as part of IVY & BOND’s Branding Project

Responsive logo design: Embracing Adaptability and Versatility

In today’s digital age, a logo needs to adapt to different sizes and contexts while maintaining its legibility and recognition. I provide clients with versatile logo designs and usage guidelines that ensure their logos look great on various media platforms, from app icons to pitch-side advertising boards.

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Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines can range from a few pages to entire websites dedicated to maintaining brand consistency and visual appeal.

What’s Included

Every brand I design includes a basic guide at a minimum, outlining font usage, logo design principles, and colour palette specifications. Alternatively, you can hire me as a brand guardian to art direct your team and ensure your brand remains the best it can be.

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