Website Design & Development

I have worked in Website Design for over 20 years and believe that combining creative thinking with strategy and technical knowhow builds compelling User Experiences for my clients that deliver results.

The following page explains a bit more about how I can help your organisation with their website.

How I Design & Build Websites that work.

Website design is more than just opening Photoshop or visiting SquareSpace and getting started. Similarly I don’t just start designing my clients a website, I do things a little differently. All my projects start with a strategy session to get an in-depth understanding of the objectives and aspirations. The pain-points and challenges. This may include;

  • Workshops
  • User-Profiling
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Experience Prototyping & Wireframes

My expertise in the digital sector and thirst to make a difference ensures that my work doesn’t just look pretty – they work, converting more of your traffic to customers.

Kitchenology Website Design
Redesigning Kitchenology to support their rebrand
Let's work together on your website today

Let’s work together on your website today

Please contact me to discuss the details

I worked with Rik on a variety of projects where his hand on approach and attention to detail was excellent.

He cared about the job in hand and always put in the work to achieve the goal. His experience was evident with the consultation, ideas and knowledge at a high quality, delivering jobs constantly on time.


E-Commerce Website Design & Development

Ihave worked in e-commerce all my career having built my first online store for a clothing retailer 20 years ago. I’ve worked for some of the world’s biggest brands designing experiences to sell products – from Electronic Arts to GlaxoSmithKline and now enjoy building e-commerce websites for SMEs and my tools of choice are Shopify and WooCommerce.

Shopify Website Design & Support

Shopify is a subscription service which leads the way for simplicity and functionality. Don’t be fooled into thinking this cannot handle scale. I built Emmett’s Fine Foods using Shopify and they sell thousands of pounds of their incredible product nationwide every week. As a trusted Shopify Partner I am able to whip up a demo website in no time.

Discover more about Shopify


Shopify Theme Development


WooCommerce is a platform that integrates with WordPress and I feel is better suited for content heavy websites. This is handy when e-commerce isn’t the main business objective.

WordPress Design & Development

All my content-driven websites are built using WordPress – probably the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

Unlike most agencies, I don’t handcuff you and your site into my own framework or theme but opt to use open-source sources or build custom themes (like this website). This gives you the flexibility to move on to other developers if you’re not happy with my work. This keeps me from complacency so I can continue to make a difference to your world.

What can WordPress do for you


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Responsive Websites

This term has been floating about now for a decade but I still get asked what it means. It means that your website not only works on your customers laptop but the experience but also on their smartphone or tablet. I design websites that use modern styling practices and breakpoints so when your users interact with your brand online it’ll be a beautiful, streamless experience.

Open for commissions

Open for Commissions

Please contact me for a chat

Rik has really taken my website to another level. He comes up with suggestions for improvements that I wouldn’t have thought of. His work is delivered on time and he responds to emails quickly and manages expectations around when amendments will be ready. Thanks Rik


Web Hosting

Strictly speaking I don’t “host” websites – very few agencies actually do. I use a trusted partner who manages hosting for my clients ensuring websites are fast, secure, backed-up with 99.999% uptime. It still can be a nightmare though to navigate through all the setup which is why I take the reigns.  I do the legwork and set everything up on behalf of my clients with the right level of support and resources for their businesses.

Web hosting through me starts at just £5 a month.

Website Support for your business

Whether you’re a big business looking for regular digital work, an agency looking for a flexible addition to your team or a small, owner managed business looking for guidance. I have a range of Website Support Subscriptions available to give you the support your organisation needs.

Working within one of my support subscriptions gives you;


My subscriptions role month by month so you’re not tied into lengthy contracts giving you the support you need. Anything you don’t use can be rolled over into other months or topped up with competitive hourly rates.


My prices are good value and competitive against other top agencies but with a difference. If you’re not using your full subscription, I’ll tell you. This saves your organisation money for other things; Nice coffee, flowers for reception, a round in your local pub, etc.


I’m never too far away from the action. I strive to be there when you need me. Think of me like your favourite, reliable sweater or a cup of tea in your special cup – there when you need.


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