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Good graphic design gets you noticed and serves a purpose.
Great graphic design (& print) is collected leaving your audience thirsty for more.

Graphic Design Materials that have impact.

I am a firm believer that good graphic design starts with a spark of an idea; a concept, a feel or a pulse. Finding that spark can sometimes be difficult – especially when you’re sitting in front of a Mac with nowhere to go. I am constantly looking out for inspiration to see what I can do next and that’s certainly not always online.

The graphic design projects I am most proud of have started by throwing around ideas that are bonkers and go against what clients expect. It’s the rebel in me wanting to surprise my audience with something different.
There’s no secret to good work. It’s just being open to new ideas and experience. Playing with materials and daring to look outside the usual field of vision to create something exciting. Safe is boring.

Here is how I can help your business sell its services, educate your audience and be remembered.

Under Twenty Beer Label Design
Under Twenty Branding & Packaging
Finger Pointing

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I worked with Rik on a variety of projects where his hand on approach and attention to detail was excellent.

He cared about the job in hand and always put in the work to achieve the goal. His experience was evident with the consultation, ideas and knowledge at a high quality, delivering jobs constantly on time.


Packaging Design

To make your packaging design truly stand out it needs to do something different – not blend in with the noise of everyone else. Great packaging design not only looks fantastic but it does as little harm to the world as possible. This provides a great brand experience so it’s remembered and loved.

Finger Pointing

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Rik has really taken my website to another level. He comes up with suggestions for improvements that I wouldn’t have thought of. His work is delivered on time and he responds to emails quickly and manages expectations around when amendments will be ready. Thanks Rik


Print Design

Print design is a multi-sensory experience; I enjoy how the print looks of course but how does it smell? How does it sound when you open it? What’s the finish like in your hand and how does it feel in your gut when you hold it?

I use my experience and know how to design printed materials for businesses that people want to keep – not decorate the trash bin with.

Print Management

I work with a variety of printers to explore what’s possible so you don’t waste money through poor choices. All printers I work with use sustainable resources and have an environmental policy so you know your material does no harm to the planet or your wallet.

Finger Pointing

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Suffolk Timber Supplies Typography
Suffolk Timber Supplies

Marketing Materials

As a skilled Freelance Graphic Designer I ensure your businesses’ marketing materials grab the attention of your audience and tell your story. By getting your brand physically in the hands of your customers, delivering beautiful design and communicating your message delivers great results.


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