Charging Procedures

Please note that my rates are subject to alteration without notice.

1. Rik Barwick maintains a policy, as a design consultant, of giving estimates in advance wherever possible, for individual projects based on hourly or day rates, depending on the type of activities undertaken, plus any costs incurred.

These activities are:

a. Creative executive services — 

art direction; graphic design; website design; website development; copywriting; advertisement design; concept work; research; computer-aided design; typography; specifying print mark-ups; illustrating; technical drawings; made-up dummies; made-up models; packaging design; exhibition stand and exhibition graphic design;  general design consultancy.

b. Meeting and management services — 

meetings; administration; project management; also non-standard travel time.

c. Studio and mechanical artwork services — Mechanical artwork, paste-up and keyline.

2. It is important to note that these rates apply to work produced during normal working hours and that any work contracted on rush and particularly during unsocial hours will be chargeable at double the normal rate.

3. I will estimate costs in advance and only give firm quotations on projects where I can clearly define the exact parameters of the work to be undertaken. This will often occur only when the initial design concepts have been agreed.

4. It is most important to state that I regard meeting time on projects as consultancy and therefore chargeable.

5. I will be willing to buy services on behalf of clients on the clear understanding that a mark-up of either 17.65%, or 20% dependent on time involvement, will be placed on these costs and that a 50% mark-up will be placed on print buying. These mark-ups will be applied in all cases unless the client is willing to put me in funds prior to dispatch of an official purchase order.

6. I am willing to work either on a retained or an ad hoc basis and our terms and conditions will be supplied on our confirmation order which is sent out as a matter of course on all contracts, where we will clearly indicate our fees on commencement.

7. Billing will occur on projects with one third upon commencement, one third at the half-way stage and one third upon completion.

8. My terms are strictly 14 days from the date of the invoice unless stated otherwise