Branding & Packaging Design for Wolfbury Gin

Creating a Brave brand identity & Label Design for a new range of spirits from The Suffolk Distillery

Client: The Suffolk Distillery

Wolfbury Gin bottle on display at Suffolk Distillery
Wolfbury Gin on display at Suffolk Distillery

Gary, Owner and Head Distiller at The Suffolk Distillery commissioned me for one of his most ambitious new range of spirits; Starting with Wolfbury Gin. A new gin craft-distilled with Wolfberries.

My goal was to create a new edgy brand that was completely separate from The Suffolk Distillery’s current offering. This was to give it a wider appeal outside of Suffolk’s borders. I toyed with still rooting the identity to Suffolk – but only if you knew your history.

Branding Development

I felt the brand identity needed to have multiple elements that made up the logo design. This was to cater for many uses – from print materials, the label design and across the digital channels. I designed an icon which could be dressed up or down depending on the complexity of it’s use. From a simple Wolf’s Head for small iconography to larger format signage and more elaborate uses.

The typography was to be ornate, crafted with both traditional and modern typefaces. This helped the brand stand proudly side-by-side with competitors but also punched it out from the noise.

Label Design & Print Finishes

It was essential the typography lept from the label to cause curiosity – I decided to curve the text to allow this to stand out from the label. I used traditional signwriting techniques to help the text become 3D with subtle shading and highlights. Gary and I discussed how we could persuade consumers to try something new so we opted for a further tagline – “Distilled in Suffolk. For the brave” which almost dares people to try this new gin.

I introduced luxurious ornate patterns ad texture to the design. This is a premium product and we want to show off and create a premium experience. This was pushed further working with the label printers “Label Net”. We used copper foiling for the flourishes and detail, varnishes over the key typography and a leather laminate giving the label a tactile, premium feel.

Final Thoughts

I am really pleased with how this brand has developed. Working with Gary is always fun as he trusts me to go through the process to design something unique. I should put on it “Designed for the bold”.

The response from the gin-lovers community is really encouraging I am looking forward to expanding this brand with new spirits and am exited to see where I find this out shopping in the wild.

Open for commissions

Now available to buy Direct from The Suffolk Distillery

Please visit their website for more information

Wolfbury Gin Label Design Mockup
Wolfbury Gin Label Design Mockup
Wolfbury Gin Brand Design

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