Design Review Board & Brand Guardian

HSBC Global retail Banking

AGENCY: AnalogFolk


AnalogFolk have HSBC Bank on retainer providing design consultancy and branding. From January 2017 to January 2018 I worked as a brand consultant and digital designer with AnalogFolk on the Design Review Board (DRB).

HSBC are one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations who need a dedicated team to make sure their brand and design toolkits are adhered to across the globe. As the lead creative for the DRB it was my responsibility that anything in Global Retail Banking and Wealth Management was on-brand, followed accessibility guidelines and used modern UX practices to deliver brilliant products for their users.

The Results

I ensured that every piece of work (500+ reviews) created by the business or other agencies adhered to the banks brand standards. I was also tasked with guiding global teams on design and UX issues arising to ensure approval by HSBC and go-live.

I provided art-direction remotely through video conferences and detailed reports. I also attended sprints and various workshops with multiple agencies and the client.

I also provided HSBC with reports about their own brand guidelines and UX standards to help these grow inline with the increasing business and technological demands.


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