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AGENCY: Fat Beehive

ISD Website Design

Fat Beehive hired me as a freelance website developer in 2018 and tasked me with building the new Campaign Toolkit website designed to help activists create their campaigns to help raise awareness.

The website is an interactive educational resource to support activists and organisations with creating effective and impactful online campaigns that promote community cohesion, inclusion and tolerance.


My brief from Fat Beehive was to work on the front-end development of the website. I had to expand on the agency’s initial designs and help make the UI work responsively on mobile devices as well as desktop. Then write the code for the agencies back-end developers to then install their chosen CMS.

I worked with the agency as part of a remote team to put together the front-end code (HTML/CSS) for their new design which was later implemented into the Drupal CMS.

Throughout this website development project I was tasked with making creative decisions to implement new branding and illustration elements. The homepage was extremely complex with it’s overlapping illustrations and curve patterns. These shapes caused challenges when developing the responsive layouts – especially with smaller mobile devices. My workaround was to break up the elements into several layers and positioned them as separate background images along the site’s breakpoints.

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The Results

The resulting homepage is soft and approachable for the users. The toolkit is easy to use and offers the user all the information they need to create successful campaigns.

It’s work like this that has the potential to change the world for the better. One I am very proud of playing my part.

ISD Front-end Theme Development of Homepage
Responsive Front-end Theme Development


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