Improving Buzz Power’s Conversion rate

How I put the “buzz” in Buzz Power’s Shopify product pages using Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Strategy.

Buzz Power are a Suffolk-based sports nutrition brand who create enhanced protein supplement gels from raw honey. Their product is used by leading athletes and enthusiasts across the globe.

Buzz Power run their e-commerce sales and subscriptions through the Shopify platform. Whilst the traffic was good – there was a general feeling it wasn’t working to it’s potential and customer acquisition was proving expensive.

Whilst organic traffic was strong the majority of their traffic came through social networking and PPC – which was proving an expensive acquisition strategy

I worked with Buzz Power to redesign their product page, working on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to take their users on more of a product discovery journey with the aim of increasing the value of their organic visitors. The below explains what I did and the results.

Improving the Shopify Conversion Rate of Buzz Power's Product Page

Improving your Shopify / e-commerce conversion rate

In my experience, an affective product page has to do a number of things to help user’s make their decision to buy. Especially with challenger brands like Buzz Power.

In order to help the site convert users into buyers I had to ensure the site included a few core attributes to help this process and take the users on a discovery journey;

Article Shortcuts

We asked Rik to help us to optimise and improve the product pages for Buzz Power Energy. Rik comes with a great deal of technical skill (including a clear understanding of customer journey and SEO), and was able to advise on changes, as well as quickly grasp our requirements. Rik is now our go-to for UI and UX work, and we are grateful we found someone as skilled and agile as him!


Show the product clearly

Product Photography

Product photography is always a bug bare of mine. It a simple concept. If you can’t physically see a product in person you need to be able to get a feel for it through clean, crisp photos. You need to see the product at all angles, being used, enjoyed, etc. Luckily the clients photos were great so no problems there but there was one major thing I couldn’t see. The buy button!

Improve your conversion rate through clear, professional product photography.

Give clear actions for users to follow

Buttons that stand out

Initially the product pages call to action didn’t pop from the page. The buy button used the brands core yellow colour which is always hard to use online. The colour contrast level failed accessibility tests and just didn’t pop from the page. Concentrating on the small things often lead to a much brighter picture and whilst the button was “on-brand” it didn’t work and failed W3C accessibility checks so anyone hard of sight would struggle to see it. The brand’s accent colour is black so I opted to use black so there was no clash and it really makes the buttons “pop”.

5.1% Conversion Rate

5.1% Conversion Rate

+38% users added products to cart

Accessibility Colour Contrast Check
Yellow on White failed the AA & AAA Accessibility test for Colour Contrast. Use this tool to help with your accessibility colour checks.
Improving Shopify Conversion Rates by making buttons pop by increasing the contrast so they're accessible.
Improving Shopify Conversion Rates by making buttons pop by increasing the contrast so they’re accessible.

Provide key information about the product

Product Descriptions

The length of the description paragraph pushed the call to actions below the fold so at first glance users couldn’t see what we wanted them to do – buy the product. I opted to use a shorter product description which pulled up the button into view. A more in-depth product description was then added further down the page which I made more accessible by using anchor links to act as shortcuts to the relevant information.

Deliver Trust & Social Proof

Make use of awards, accolades, Guarantees & Product reviews

Trust is everything in commerce – not just on the internet. Product pages need to convince customers that this is the right product for them.

Luckily Buzz Power have genuine reviews and testimonials in abundance so we tapped into these resources and ensured the product page delivered trust via written testimonials and video, social proof from inspirational athletes and peers.

6.1% Reached The Checkout

6.1% Reached The Checkout

+11% users reached checkout

Improving Shopify Conversion Rates by making use of testimonials, reviews and accolades
Professional and enthusiasts provide great reviews – especially when they’re genuine and not paid for.


Ease Customer Concerns and answer questions through A well populated FAQ section.

Anyone in sales will tell you that customers tend to ask the same questions about products. Unless you have the answers to hand customers get concerned and it builds doubt in their minds. Which is why a strong FAQ section on your product page or website is often useful. Buzz Power’s products are specialist and have lots of information and data that enthusiasts and professional athletes will be interested in. I put these popular questions and key blog posts in an FAQ section to help customers but also to break the content up so the journey wasn’t long-winded and monotonous.

FAQs help increase conversion rates as it answers any doubt in customer's minds

The Results

The initial results were really positive. Buzz Power saw an immediate uplift in their “Add to cart” conversion rates which in turn had a positive effect on their sales revenue. Furthermore, increasing their conversion rate allowed the business to spend less on PPC campaigns which was one of their main traffic driver. The website traffic had to be high to deliver sales. Increasing their product page’s conversion rates made the count, driving sales and increasing business profits.

5% Added to Cart

5% Added to Cart

24% increase from 1st August 2021 to 31st October 2021

20% More Sessions

20% More Sessions

8% increase in Organic Traffic due to increased SEO performance


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