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Recently I have started collecting random boxes of Letterpress fonts and characters for some experimental work. I wanted to see how having limited resources can influence my art and design. On my Mac I have 100s of fonts and with the expansion of web-fonts Google and Adobe have spoilt us with choice giving designers infinite choices and actually prohibiting our ability to design, oddly.

By collecting random boxes of fonts and character sizes it makes me think about what words I can print – if any.


Luckily thanks to social media I was given a box of letterpress letters, mostly are too small for use at the moment but I did come across this stamp which I thought was incredible. It immediately made me smile and couldn’t resisted playing with it, producing this micro letterpress print.

Printing Paper

Any printer will tell you that the stock you use can be equally as important as the work you’re printing. In this case I had some gorgeous handmade Awagami Japanese printing paper in my paper drawer which was left over from other work, so I used that. I wanted it to have a natural edge so I tore down some small squares to create a lovely deckle edge.

The Results

The impression on the gentleman’s face is much like my own when I revealed this little gem. It says so much with so little – like a good design should be really.

I’ve given so many of these away and sold a few via my Etsy Shop but had to keep one for the house – I found an amazing little frame at my local framers which just set off the work perfectly.

Letterpress Print Experiment. Framed Artwork
Beautifully framed by Blue Magpie Studio in Lavenham, Suffolk

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View my other printmaking work


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