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An Overview of Zyliss’ Digital Evolution

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Zyliss, established in 1951, has been revolutionising the kitchenware market with its innovative and high-quality products. Their commitment to functionality, durability, and user-centred design has set them apart in the industry. The challenge for this project was to create an online presence that not only showcased their extensive product range but also reflected the brand’s ethos of innovation and quality.

As an experienced Shopify developer, my objective was to translate Zyliss’s rich heritage and innovative spirit into a dynamic, responsive, and multilingual e-commerce website. This endeavour was not just about building an online store; it was about creating a digital embodiment of the Zyliss brand.

Zyliss Shopify E-Commerce Website Development
Zyliss Shopify Theme Homapage

A Collaborative Approach

This project was a collaborative effort with Diekavallerie, Zyliss’s brand agency, who provided the initial brand and desktop layouts. My role involved working closely with Diekavallerie and Zyliss’s internal marketing team to ensure these designs were effectively implemented within Shopify and across devices. The goal was to create a seamless blend of brand aesthetics and e-commerce functionality.

The Execution

The development process focused on creating a user-friendly, multilingual platform using Shopify’s built-in languages app. This was crucial for catering to Zyliss’s diverse European audience, with the site being translated into French and German. The simultaneous launch of zyliss.co.uk with their Swiss non-transactional website marked a significant milestone in the project.


The Outcome

The launch of the Zyliss e-commerce website significantly enhanced the brand’s digital footprint. The site’s design and functionality resonate with Zyliss’s reputation for innovation and quality in kitchenware. The multilingual feature has been instrumental in expanding the brand’s reach across Europe, contributing to an increased global presence.

The success with Zyliss and Cole & Mason sets a precedent for the development of bespoke online experiences for other brands within the group. Our goal is to expand these brands’ digital footprint across Europe, leveraging the learnings and successes from our current projects. This expansive vision includes creating unique, engaging online platforms that cater to the distinct identity and customer base of each brand.

Zyliss Shopify Theme Collection Page
Zyliss Shopify Product Homapage

Ongoing Collaboration

My journey with Zyliss is just one part of a broader collaboration with DKB Household Ltd, the esteemed owner of both Zyliss and Cole & Mason. As we continue to refine and enhance the Zyliss platform, there’s also an exciting horizon ahead involving other specialist brands under the DKB Household umbrella.

By continuing our partnership, we aim to solidify DKB Household Ltd’s position as a leader in digital retail in the kitchenware and household goods sectors. This ongoing collaboration represents not just a series of projects, but a long-term strategy to elevate the online presence and e-commerce capabilities of each brand in the DKB portfolio.


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