Limoncello Branding & Label Design

Creating a new brand identity and label design for The Suffolk Distillery’s Limoncello

Client: The Suffolk Distillery

Bottled Limoncello

Iwas honoured to collaborate with The Suffolk Distillery, known for their artisanal spirits, to create a unique brand identity and product label for their latest offering – a refreshing Limoncello.

My goal was to develop a brand identity that would resonate with the lively character of limoncello and the distillery’s commitment to quality, handcrafted spirits. I aimed to create a brand that would tap into consumers’ appreciation for fresh, citrusy flavours and their respect for artisanal craftsmanship.

Concept Development

My design journey started with immersing ourselves in the world of limoncello – its Italian origins, the zestfulness of lemons, and the invigorating experience it offers. This exploration shaped my brand design strategy and allowed me to embody the unique attributes of limoncello in the new brand identity.

Brand Identity and Logotype

For the brand identity, I crafted a bespoke logotype that captures the vibrant and refreshing spirit of Limoncello. The logotype incorporates elements that reflect the Italian heritage of Limoncello and the traditional methods used by The Suffolk Distillery, thereby communicating the product’s authenticity and superior quality.

The typography treatment was inspired by vintage sign-writing, and I chose a font for its modern yet retro vibe. This design choice adds a unique touch to the brand and enhances its appeal to consumers looking for a product that marries tradition with a modern twist.

Label Design

For the label design, we strived to create a design that was both visually striking and informative. We employed a traditional-looking illustration of a lemon to communicate the zesty nature of the product, while also encapsulating its heritage look and feel. The use of vibrant yellow hues reflects the citrusy character of limoncello, and clear typography ensures that product information is easily readable. The combination of these design elements resulted in a distinctive label that not only stands out on the shelf but also effectively communicates the high quality and unique flavour profile of The Suffolk Distillery’s Limoncello.

Final Thoughts

Through this project, we successfully created a unique brand identity and label design that truly encapsulates the essence of The Suffolk Distillery’s Limoncello. The result is a compelling visual identity that is sure to draw in and captivate consumers.

Suffolk Distillery Limoncello Label Design
The Suffolk Distillery Limoncello - Brand and Label Design

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