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Working as a Freelance Shopify developer, I had the opportunity to work with Cole & Mason, a kitchenware company that specialises in high-end salt & pepper mills and accessories. The company was looking to create a new e-commerce website that would better align their brand with the luxury market and attract a higher-end customer base.

I worked closely with Cole & Mason to understand their target market and determine the key features and functionality that would be important to them. I then worked alongside their e-commerce manage, Lucinda to design a user experience that was both elegant and intuitive, making it easy for customers to find and purchase the products they were looking for.

Using the Shopify platform, I built the website, leveraging its robust set of features and tools to ensure that the site was fast, responsive, and easy to navigate. I also assisted with the site’s SEO content strategy to ensure that it would be easily discoverable by customers searching for luxury kitchenware online.

Throughout the project, I worked closely with Cole & Mason to ensure that their vision for the website was being realised. I provided regular updates and received feedback on my progress to ensure that the final product met their expectations.

Cole & Mason Shopify Website

The Results

In the end, the client and I built a trusting relationship and between us both we delivered a beautiful, high-end e-commerce website that perfectly aligned with Cole & Mason’s luxury branding. The site was well-received by both the company and their customers, and has helped to attract a more affluent customer base to the brand. It was a great experience working as an individual freelancer with Cole & Mason and I am happy to see their success with the new website.

Future Plans: Assisting American and European Teams

I will be continuing to work with Cole & Mason in the future to help support their American team with their Shopify site. This will involve assisting with maintenance, updates and any new feature implementation needed.

Additionally, I will also be working with Cole & Mason’s UK team to localize the site for their European markets. This will involve adapting the site’s content and functionality to better appeal to European customers.

This will also include translation of the site to multiple languages and making sure the site is compliant with GDPR and other European data privacy regulations.

I am excited to continue working with Cole & Mason and help them expand their e-commerce presence in the American and European markets. My expertise in Shopify development and localization will be a valuable asset to their team as they continue to grow and reach new customers around the world.

Cole & Mason Shopify Theme - Homepage
Cole & Mason "Shop the look"


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