SmallTown Coffeeshop Merchandising


Client: SmallTown, Clare, Suffolk

I was commissioned to help local coffeeshop, SmallTown create an image to display in their shop and use in possible merchandising. The staff there had seen some of Historic Suffolk Architecture linocut print series and liked my printmaking style. The owners wanted something similar showcasing their beautiful building in Clare, Suffolk.

I visited and took some photos and discussed the usage of the image and how it could be used on tote bags, aprons, etc to give them additional revenue streams and brand recognition. I took the images back to the studio and created some pencil sketches, exploring how i could create tone using a single colour or add colour to the print. We decided to go down a mono route and create a simple black print of the building front.

After creating the print, I scanned it and vectorised it for use on merchandise such as tote bags. Vectorising the image allowed me to convert it into a digital format that can be easily edited and resized without losing quality. This allows for the client to use image on various products without losing resolution or clarity.

I was really pleased with the final results and so was the client. I created them a limited edition series of prints to hang and sell in their coffeeshop as well as for use on tote bags and other merchandise.

SmallTown Linocut Print
SmallTown Linocut Print Commission – First Proof Print
SmallTown Instagram Post showing off new tote bags
SmallTown Edition
SmallTown Sketch
SmallTown Sketch

How can selling merchandise help your business?

Selling branded merchandise can help a coffee shop and other business with brand recognition. It creates additional touch-points for customers to interact with the brand.

When customers purchase and use branded merchandise, such as a coffee mug or a t-shirt, they are exposed to the brand in a more personal way, which can increase brand awareness and familiarity.

Additionally, selling branded merchandise can also help a business create additional revenue streams. Since the cost of producing and selling merchandise is often low, the profit margins on merchandise can be higher. This can help a small business generate more revenue and increase overall profitability.

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SmallTown Sketch


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