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Designing A Navigation System For A Streamlined User Experience


AGENCY: Fellowship

Portable Space User Experience and Information Architecture Development

Portable Space is a leading UK supplier of shipping containers, portable cabins, modular buildings & steel storage containers.

Whilst working as lead Website Designer for Suffolk based design agency, Fellowship we embarked on re-designing the Portable Space website to accommodate the expansion of the clients business.

I was to pay particular attention to the e-commerce navigation design and the in-site search functionality which was proving difficult for users to find the right product.

I provided the User Experience Design (UX) then designed the User Interface (UI) for the masthead and the new site.

The Results

Whilst I was redesigning the Portable Space website with Fellowship Productions website I was tasked with improving the UX of the Masthead.

UX Research

During research we discovered that users wanted to easily find more information about the business whilst being able to find the products they were looking for in a more efficient fashion.

E-Commerce Navigation Design

The top-level business lines / categories was expanded upon in the Information Architecture development so I had to ensure there was room for 7 business lines. These were made primary tabs running along the bottom of the masthead. Sections and information about the business, blog, etc was moved into a secondary menu with drop-down menus revealing further content.

Search was still a major function users relied on as a navigation tool. We used an expanding search field which revealed popular items at first but when a user started typing ‘Suggested items’ were used.

The result was a simple, clean structure which improved the UX of the masthead significantly and is now regularly tested with users for optimum performance.

E-Commerce Navigation Design and page structure


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