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5mm Shopify Website Theme

5mm is a London-based but globally minded high end residential interiors design consultancy. I was hired my JTF Marketing to help design and develop a new Shopify theme for the clients new e-commerce store.

Our brief was to re-design 5mm’s website to help them show off key projects and their fabulous product photography.

Designing the Shopify Theme

I was under quite a tight budget and deadline for this project, so I stepped up to the challenge and opted to build 5mm a website using Shopify which allowed me to build an e-commerce store quickly and efficiently. Allowing the client to start selling online in just a matter of days, not months.

Building a Shopify theme to compliment the Product Photography

With premium clients I always feel that the images do more of the selling than the User Interface of the website. The interface has to compliment and allow the images to pop so they really sell themselves. Luckily for this Shopify theme the client had exceptional photos of the interiors they designed. My job was to really give this a platform to sell themselves but ensuring it felt premium, luxurious and rich.

I opted to use full-screen, scalable imagery for the clients photography to really help show off their work in the browser.

The website scales gracefully across different devices ensuring the content looks beautiful, whatever the user device.

5mm Shopify Theme Mobile View
5mm Shopify Theme Desktop View


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