Lino Print by Reduction

Celebrating Suffolk’s Architecture through print

Orfordness Lighthouse

The Orfordness Lighthouse was a beautiful lighthouse once situated on the Historic Suffolk coast in Orford Ness. In 2021 I designed this Lino Print in it’s honour and to push my printmaking skills by experimenting with printing by reduction.

This lino print was a real challenge. I wanted to show some depth and curvature on the lighthouse and demonstrate how the sunlight kisses the building.

I’m really pleased how it came out and feel it was definitely worth the risk and effort to get such a bold image printed this way.

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What is A Reduction Lino Print?

This lighthouse print was designed using a reduction method of printmaking.

Reduction method is a printmaking technique when a multicoloured print is made with the use of a single carving block. Through a series of progressive cuttings, inkings, and printings, the image slowly emerges while the actual block is destroyed. A reduction print can therefore never be reprinted.


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