“Kurt Cobain”

Lino Print Portrait

I’m so happy, because today I found my friends

Kurt Cobain Lino Print Portrait

This lino print portrait came from one of those moments of boredom, flicking through Instagram and seeing an icon image of Kurt dressed in his Louis Vuitton attire and I thought to myself that would be a great print to try.

When I studied Art & Design at school I always tried to include my musical tastes into the work somehow. Whether it was a portrait of Kurt Cobain or a painting of Bob Marley on acid. It was always present in my work.

I sketched out an idea using curves to generate depth and shadow in the portrait. It’s a bit abstract, strange and skeletal which I like as it suits his music and the energy I feel when I listen and work to it.

If you like the print or are interested in my other art work please visit my Etsy shop.

Kurt Cobain Lino Print Portrait Work In Progress
Kurt Cobain Louis Vuitton


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